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The most important and essentially vital part of any building structure process is soil test. Your total Building will rest on it throughout the whole life of the building. And also to mention your and your next generations life as well.

The structural designer or engineer can not design the foundation of the building without the soil bearing capacities and other properties. It’s not also possible to select the suitable type of foundation without soil testing. So get the soil test to know whether your building needs a shallow foundation like footing or a deep foundation like pile or any other type of foundations.

High rise building has a threat, that is Earthquake. Earthquake can devastate thousands of lives within minutes. Careful soil testing is crucially important to resist earthquake. It helps to design buildings which are more earthquake resisting. Specially, Bangladesh is in an earthquake prone area. A proper soil investigation from a well established geotechnical engineering organization is a must here.

All the residential, industrial, factory, academic, hospital and religious buildings need checking for soil strength. Even Bridges, Culverts, Rail Lines, Highways, Dams, Sluice gates requires a soil test prior to be designed.

Geotech Builders Limited is a leading geotechnical engineering firm in Bangladesh. It is doing soil testing services for more than 2 decades. It’s a well known company which has completed soil testing service for more than a thousand sites. Our service quality makes us unique and popular among the Architects & Structural Designers in Bangladesh. By the way we provide both Field data collection and lab testing services or the combination of both.

Soil test image: wash boring method

Field Data Collection

It is very much important to collect the field data carefully and accurately. Specially the SPT value. It is the core of a soil test. We obtain it from field. Our skilled soil testing team and Civil Engineer will ensure the SPT value accuracy for accurate result in report.

We take great care about handling and packaging the samples. We also provide other field tests. As example compaction test, vane shear test etc. It’s done as per requirement of the client or the consultant on clients behalf.

Soil test: Casagrande Apparatus for determining Water Content limits

Laboratory tests

Our brand new soil laboratory ensures neat and reliable results of soil samples collected from field. We calibrate our equipments regularly from BUET. All the equipments are completely owned by our company.

We offer laboratory test like Grainsize Analysis, Atterberg’s Limit, Unconfined Compression Test, Direct Shear Test, Consolidation Test etc.