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Any building is built on earth. Often the soil is not strong enough to uphold the building with normal foundation. Specially multi storied buildings have a huge column load. In these cases pile is used as a foundation to give appropriate support to the building as a foundation.

Geographically, Bangladesh has different types of soils in different areas. The strength varies area to area. After soil test we can determine the capacity then we can design the pile required for a specific building in a specific area.

The main advantage of pile over shallow or normal foundation is that the pile can be done in a greater depth as required. It enables us to build even 100 stories  of building on any kind of soil. All the famous buildings in the world is built on a base supporting by Pile, Like Burj Khalifa, Empire Estate Building etc.

 Pile foundation is used in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, factory and all other kind of buildings. It’s also used in the construction of Bridges, Culverts, Towers, Flyovers etc.

Geotech Builders Limited, as a leading geotechnical engineering firm in Bangladesh performing Pile works for more than Seventeen years. We have five elite teams of Pile to perform nice and clean piling work as per the requirement of the structural engineer, consultant or client.


Our Piling Equipment

We have got 5 complete piling setups including Tripods, Winches, Pumps, Cutters, Drilling Pipes, Tremie Pipes, Welding Machines, Mixture Machines, Casing Pipes in different diameters etc.

Also 5 elite team with the finest members in them are always there to make your project smooth and successful. The communication and collaboration between these members like the Supervisors, Drillers, Foremen, welders and others are very strong.


Different types of Pile we do

We do the following types of pile.

  • Cast-in-situ Pile
  • Pre Cast Pile
  • Sand Pile
  • Shore Pile
  • Sheet Pile
  • Timber Pile (Locally called Shall Ballah Pile)