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Digital Survey / Digital Land Survey in Bangladesh

Land is the first and essential asset in any project. Without land or space Civil Engineering is nothing. It is absolutely important to get the shape of you land correct. Because the project land shape may not always be exact rectangular or any other regular shape. In this case manual hand survey can not produce accurate map. Because tapes and chains have lots of limitations and errors. That’s why the digital land survey / digital survey comes in handy.

The digital land survey measures any land accurately despite of any irregularity or complexity in the land shape. It will get the dimensions, angles exactly as the land has. Also the level of the land is shown precisely.

What makes the digital land survey so accurate ? It’s the EDM which stands for Electronic Distance measurement. It’s a technology that uses computerized methods to measure the angle, distance and height. This can’t be achieved by conventional tape measurements.

Total Station survey machine is the equipment we use to have EDM. These machines have created a new trend in land or building surveying. These data are so accurate that Total Stations also used to maintain the layout accuracy in MEGA Projects. Also in large Bridges and Flyovers construction, accuracy for distance and level is maintained by total Station.

Geotech Builders Limited, as a leading geotechnical engineering firm providing digital land survey services in Bangladesh for more than eight years. We have got the most experienced, practical work oriented Surveyors and Civil Engineers for handling any kind of digital survey work in Bangladesh. Also all our equipments are our own and is calibrated and serviced regularly.

Digital Survey in Bangladesh

Our Survey Equipment

We have got all the tools of digital survey for land. We have South Total Station, Leica Electronic Distance Meter, Regular Prism, Mini Prism, Compass, Cases, Stands, Level Staffs, Holders, Plumb Bob etc.

Also our survey team is very effective with their tools. Years of Experience has made them capable of handling any kind of project smoothly despite of the size or shape of the land.

Contour Survey - Digital Survey / Digital Land Survey in Bangladesh

Different types of Surveys we do

Beside the regular land survey we also do the following surveys

  • Digital Topographical Survey
  • Earth or Sand filling volume calculation
  • Level, Spot or RL Survey
  • Contour Survey (2D and 3D)
  • As Built Survey (Existing Building)
  • 250m Survey for special projects