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We are a team of professionals, we aid foundations.

Geotech is one of the leading geotechnical companies in Bangladesh. Our success is driven by our commitment to get the correct and reliable results in our work, acting responsibly, executing operations with excellence and applying innovative and new technologies in geotechnical sector. Whether it’s soil investigation, digital survey or piling.

Standard Sieves for Grain size analysis
Soil Test in Bangladesh
The most important and vital part of any building structure process is testing the soil. Your entire Building will rest...
Digital Land Survey
Land is the first and essential asset in any project. Without land or space Civil Engineering is nothing. It is...
Pile Foundation
Any building is built on earth. Often the soil is not strong enough to uphold the building with normal foundation....
Soil Investigation
Digital Survey
Pile Foundation
Building Design

The First and Foremost part of any building structure process is soil test. We are doing this since early 90’s. Our experience is what makes us unique. Plus our laboratory is a huge advantage for us. Currently we are operating soil test for almost all kinds of Residential, Commercial, Industrial or any other types of Structures like Bridges or Dams.

Our Laboratory for soil testing is completely furnished. It provides a great feature to our clients to have accurate properties of ground of their projects.

We have five piling setup of our own currently. We do pre-cast, cast-in-situ pile, shore pile, sand pile etc. Our skilled workers ensure minimum time for completion of your project.

Now a days survey has got a new era with the Digital Total Station Survey Equipment. Angle, Distance or Elevation are no more a challenge. We have got our own survey equipment and expert surveyors to meet  all of your Survey needs, whether it’s area or measurements, volume or contour, mega project or small.

Sustainable and Aesthetic Structure Designing has been a part of Geotech for years. It is our goal to ensure maximum safety and elegance within minimum economic range.


We are determined to complete the work with the same reliability of past but with the final report with a furnished new look. Also it has been a common fashion to serve reports in both hard and soft copies with a complete online backup. This way, a simple phone call can provide you any reports even after years.


We are a great team of young, energetic and skilled engineers and surveyors. Years of experience has made us capable for handling diverse type of projects regardless of size or complexity. We are always ready to be of service and make sure we meet your demands or of your architects’ and consultants’.


Recently in 2014, we have inaugurated our brand new soil laboratory despite of having an existing one. So all the equipment are new, digital and calibrated from BUET. Also we are always upgrading us with any new technology comes in geotechnical sector. Another good news is we have started our Kushtia Branch now.


The following are a part of our whole Geotech team. These persons manage usually the field team. They are bold, communicative and mostly helpful.